Part 1: Picture Post Set-up

Guiding Field Question:

What Picture Post location will allow me to monitor an aspect(s) of environmental change that I would like to study?


Materials (one per class unless otherwise noted):

Pre- requisites

Estimated Time: 

** Note: If you already have a Picture Post installed, or access to a Picture Post near your school, you only need to follow steps 6-9.

What to do and how to do it:

  1. INTRODUCTION (in- or outdoors): Brief introduction of the Picture Post project. Ask students for suggestions on Post location based on the guiding field question. 
  2. Students and instructor work cooperatively to determine the location for the Picture Post, using the field question for guidance.  
  3. Set tripod (temporary “post”) at the appropriate height (4 feet) and level the top. Or…
  4. Optional: Instructor and/or students follow the Picture Post Installation Guide to set up a permanent Picture Post. 
  5. Follow the instructions in the Installing and Using a Picture Post handout to set up the Picture Post.
  6. Use digital camera to take nine pictures, following the protocol described in the Installing and Using a Picture Post handout.
  7. Students record the date/time, location, weather, and other appropriate observations in their science notebook. 
  8. Indoors: Upload the pictures to the class Post page on the Picture Post website. Watch the video tutorial on how to upload photos here.
  9. WRAP-UP: Discuss with students the question: What types of information might a digital image contain, that would be useful in monitoring an ecosystem, particularly in relationship to climate change?