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Not sure which tools to use? Start with the Climate Maps and Animations to get an idea of predicted future climate changes, and then move on to the Single Site tools, Carbon Mapper, and/or Tree Atlas.  Or take a look at the data tools organized by research topic here!

Confused about what a term means? Visit the Glossary page.

Climate Maps

Maps of temperature and precipitation patterns
 across the US and the globe for historic
 and future climate scenarios
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                          Climate Maps

Animations over time of historical and
future climate, biomass accumulation,
and vegetation indices
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Single Site Climate Data

This interactive tool will generate a graph of

historical/future climate for a specific
latitude and longitude, as well as downloadable
text data for further analysis.
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                  Climate Data
Carbon Mapper

An interactive mapserver that provides access to data
that can be queried for any location. Data sets include: Biomes, Land cover, Albedo, NDVI, NPP, as well as
GLOBE Carbon Cycle Carbon/Biomass Plot data.

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Picture Post

Environmental monitoring by citizens and
 students through digital images.
Student Climate Data offers feature enhancement
such as animations over time, activities, and
 connections with NASA satellite image products.

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Tree Atlas

Interactive maps of current and potential
future tree species habitats in the Northeastern US created by the US forest service.
Video tutorial available here.

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Biome Maps

Maps and interactive tools relating to
the biomes of the globe

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Related Data Resources

Links to sites with friendly interfaces for
obtaining earth science and climate change data.

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                  Related Data Resource

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