The Student Climate Data project is funded by NASA as part of their NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) initiative to improve the quality of the nation’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathema tics) education and enhance students’ and teachers’ literacy about global climate and Earth system change.

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Related Projects & Resources

Climate Resources

US Global Change Research Program
A great resource for specific climate information for each region of the US. It describes the impacts of climate change on humans, animals, growing season, air quality, recreation, economy, etc.
Regional Climate Impact Reports

To What Degree? NFS Video Series
Short, engaging videos that describe the science behind climate change, the carbon cycle, water cycle, climate modeling, energy balance, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. For an introduction on climate science, start with the 'What Do We Know' playlist.
To What Degree Videos
Union of Concerned Scientists Resources
General information on climate change and impacts, as well as specific information on the models and emissions scenarios used to predict future changes.
Description of emissions scenarios and models
Global warming impact analysis

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA provides many resources for understanding climate and climate change.
NOAA Understanding Climate webpage

Environmental Protection Agency Student Resources
An excellent resource for students to learn the basics of climate change, investigate the impacts, and explore ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
EPA Student's Guide to Global Climate Change webpage

Climate Change in Google Earth
Explore the potential impacts of climate change on our planet Earth and learn about solutions for adaptation and mitigation (limiting the extent and rate of climate change).
Google Earth Climate Change website

National Wildlife Federation

Information of climate change impacts to wildlife.
Global warming website

Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations)
Impact of climate change on food and agriculture.
FAO website

GLOBE Student Climate Research Campaign
Activities geared towards a better understanding of climate and weather.
Climate foundation activities

CLEAN (Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network)
A reviewed collection of educational resources focused on climate and energy science.
CLEAN website

Related Projects

GLOBE Carbon Cycle Program

A series of classroom, field, and modeling activities
geared towards understanding carbon cycling in terrestrial ecosystems. Many of these activities directly relate and are complementary to the resources and activities available through the Student Climate Data project.
The sequence of activities using the the Biomass Accumulation Model in conjunction with Student Climate Data resources can be found on the GLOBE Carbon Cycle
Activities page (or click the Carbon Cycle Activities tab in the navigation bar). 

Globe Carbon Cycle website

US Forest Service Tree and Bird Atlas

Assessment of the current
and potential future species habitats for trees and birds in the Northeastern US. They provide an interactive map feature to follow the changes in individual species. See the Biome Learning Sequence for suggestions on using this tool in your classroom and with other Student Climate Data resources
Tree Atlas
Bird Atlas

My NASA Data
A project that aims to make NASA Earth Science Data accessible to K-12 students. They have created "microsets" from large scientific data sets that are complimentary to the tools, lesson plans and supporting documentation available on their website.
My NASA Data- Climate Lessons

Phenology Camera
Tower-based web cameras.
Phenology Camera Network Website

Project BudBurst
citizen science network to monitor seasonal changes in plants (i.e. phenology). Data is collected and made freely available on their website.
Project BudBurst Website