Maps and interactive tools relating to the biomes of the world.

Interactive Biome Map on the Carbon Mapper

     This tool overlays the global biome map* (as well as many other datasets) onto an interactive mapserver.
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Instructions for use (click to download the pdf version):
1. In the right hand panel, select
a background of your choice (roads, terrain, satellite).         
2. Then select
GLOBE Carbon Cycle, then WWF Biome Map.
3. Navigate by clicking on map and dragging or zooming to the location of interest. You may want to turn off the biome map layer during navigation to see the background image better.
4. Click on the 'legend' tab to see the color coding of the biome map.
5. If you are not sure of the color, click on the 'i' tool on the lefthand panel, now when you click on the map it will pop up the name of the biome at that location.
6. When you find your location of interest, make note of the latitude and longitude displayed at the bottom of the map - you may need this later!

Printable Biome Map

    Download your own copy of the global biomes map developed by Olson et al. (2001)*.
    Biome PNG

Biome Map with Climate Data

    Temperature and precipitation graphs for selected biomes.
    Biomes and Climate PDF

You will need Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents. Download Acrobat for free here.

*Olson et al. (2001). Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World: New Map of Life on Earth. Bioscience 51:933-938.

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