Part 4: Biome Study

Guiding Questions: 


Materials (one per group):

Estimated Time: 

What to do and how to do it:

  1. INTRODUCTION: Review background and prior knowledge of biomes (ie. KWL or KLEW, concept mapping). Look at example images in the Biome Slideshow.
  2. Students individually use the prompts on the Biome Climate Investigation handout (structured inquiry option) or their science notebooks (guided inquiry option) to predict how their local biome will be impacted by climate change.  (Biome Global Map Available). 
  3. Instructor provides or students identify a new question concerning the local biome and anticipated climate change (see guiding questions above).
  4. Brief overview of biome tools introduced.
  1. The structured inquiry option instructs sudents use the Biome Map with Selected Climate Data and other resources to investigate the guiding questions.  
  2. WRAP-UP: Students discuss with a partner the findings.  Consider if the tools provided help to answer the question they posed.  What are some remaining research questions?
  3. Consider using the Planning Guide for Scientific Research to develop a new investigation.