Part2: Investigating Climate Data

Guiding Question:  


Materials (one per student):


Estimated Time: 

What to do and how to do it:

  1. INTRODUCTION: Provide brief overview of climate change models and emission scenarios and introduction to the Data Tools Page with links to the climate tools.
  2. Students individually explore three climate tools depicting anticipated climate change in the future.  Use the tools to answer: What are the expected changes in climate my region?
  1. Students individually describe and quantify the anticipated climate change in their region.  The structured inquiry experience directs students to specific data and provides data tables for recording trends. The guided inquiry experience offers students options for data collection, and and opportunity to design a means of recording trends in climate change in the science notebook. 
  2. Students discuss the climate trends with a partner. Students use the data to respond to the guiding questions
  3. WRAP-UP:  Students with a partner develop predictions and questions about how the field plot, in particular abundant tree species, may be impacted by climate change.  Note predictions and questions on the Investigating Climate Data handout and/or chart paper.
  4. Students report their questions during whole class wrap-up.