Part 2: Analysis of Current, Local Data 

Guiding Question: 

** For background information and implementation suggestions see the GLOBE Biomass Accumulation Model Teacher Guide**


Estimated Time: 

What to do and how to do it:

  1. INTRODUCTION: Instructor provides class demonstration of an example model run following the directions in Student Worksheet 2 (found at the end of the Biomass Accumulation Model Teacher Guide). Show students where to find model variable input values, how to view different graph pages and read graph results ,and how to use the data table of model results.
  2. Students work in pairs, following the instructions in Student Worksheet 2, to conduct a model investigation that looks at their own biome under altered turnover rate, temperature and precipitation.
    1. To share the workload, students can pair with another group to complete "Activity 3." One group can perform temperature runs and the other can perform precipitation runs. Each group should share their data so that they can discuss the questions together
  3. WRAP-UP: As a class, discuss student responses to Student Worksheet 2.


Assessment suggestions are located on page 7 of the GLOBE Biomass Accumulation Model Teacher's Guide. The Teacher's Guide also contains Teacher Versions of student worksheets.