Laboratory Albedo Activities:

Wintertime Albedo Experiment photo icon
Using painted metal lids (i.e. from frozen juice concentrate containers), students make predictions and then measure melt depth over time to see how different albedos may influence temperature and snowmelt. Choose a sunny day for this experiment.

Using Infrared Laser Thermometers: IR thermometers infer temperature using thermal radiation emitted by the object being measured.  Point the thermometer at different surfaces outside to observe how albedo (and hence the amount of thermal radiation emitted) is influenced by the color and nature of the surface. Infrared thermometers can be purchased online relatively cheaply ($12-$30, google "Infrared Thermometer"). 
For a more structured investigation using IR Thermometers, see the 'Surface Temperature Protocol' on the GLOBE Atmosphere Protocol webpage.

UAF Geophysical Institute's Arctic Climate Modeling Program: K-12 Curriculum on Arctic weather and climate
 • Graphing Climate Change - In this activity students graph monthly albedo for different locations in Alaska and understand how feedback loops relate to albedo and climate icon
 • Albedo Lab - In this activity students measure and calculate albedo in the classroom by taking the temperature of differently colored paper. photo icon

image of thermometers, one on black
              paper one on white